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Top executives share their best advice to help young people succeed in work and life.

Starting your first job? Use these 7 tips to hit the ground running.

Three in four young people say they don't have the necessary skills to secure a job, and an overwhelming number of employers believe job candidates lack essential skills necessary for success. Boys & Girls Clubs are helping change those statistics. Whether it’s trade school, college, military enlistment or straight to a career, our Workforce Readiness programs prepare young people to succeed in work and life so they can become anything they can dream.

Get more advice from the pros: Geared towards Boys & Girls Clubs alumni, college students and those entering the workforce, hear from industry experts about how to find a fulfilling career:



Seven Tips to Excel in the Workforce

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of the small things. “For example: Don’t just show up on time, show up early.” — Michelle Weber, vice president of human resources, Old Navy

  2. Bring an open mind. “The most valuable employees are those who can understand a situation in a fresh way. More often than not, the breakthrough solution to a problem starts with someone who brings an open mind and has a way of seeing things differently.” — Alba Castillo Baylin, vice president, stakeholder and community management, The Coca-Cola Company

  3. Do your research. “It is very important to do your research and come to your interview prepared. I call it doing your research up front and trusting your prep on the backend.” — Joel Cogdell, regional vice president, South Division, Lowe’s

  4. Let your true self show. “Be true to yourself; let your true self show. Let them know what you’re interested in. Let them know what your passions are. Let them know truly why this job is of interest to you.” — Margaret Brittle, marketing brand experience manager, Toyota Financial Services

  5. Find individuals who will invest in you. “Be a good judge of character. Find individuals who are going to invest in you, who have a genuine care for your well-being, and about your success.” — Michael Braxton, senior manager of multicultural marketing, The Coca-Cola Company

  6. Put the work in. “No one is expected to come in and know everything about their potential job. You have time to learn it. Take the time to learn it, and put the work in.” —  Nick Kreamer, program development manager, Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC

  7. Work for it. “Make sure you understand that nothing is going to be given to you. You’ve got to earn it; you’ve got to work for it. This big world is ready for you. Are you ready for it?” —  Magic Johnson, former professional basketball player and Club alumnus

Get more advice from the pros: Join our free How to Find a Job You Love virtual panel on Sept. 30 to hear from industry experts about how to find a fulfilling career. 

Great Leaders Start Here

Learn more about all the ways Boys & Girls Clubs and our Workforce Readiness partners are preparing young people to meet tomorrow’s challenges and reimagine the future of jobs in America.

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