Three Predictions About Jobs for the Future

Toyota human resources executive and Boys & Girls Club alum says top careers for the future will have these three things in common.

Global Executive Shares Three Predictions With Young People About Jobs for the Future

Look at the phone you’re holding in your hand. There was a time no one would ever have believed this little device could do what it once took computers the size of small houses to accomplish. In our technologically-driven world, the future of work is now changing at light speed. Not only are virtual jobs a new normal, but 85% of jobs that will be available in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet1. While we can’t predict the future, Anthony Allen — Boys & Girls Club alumnus and senior director of talent acquisition for Toyota North America — believes young people can begin preparing for it. When thinking about jobs for the future, Anthony predicts three trends.

Anticipating the Unknown: What to Expect from Jobs in the Future


What will jobs look like in the future? No one knows for sure, but Anthony believes there are three things top careers for the future will have in common.

1. Technology, data and analytics will rule.
“Technology will drive everything we do in the future,” Anthony says. “The ability to understand technology and use it to know our customer needs, predict behavior and influence decisions can’t be understated.” 

2. The need for skilled and trade-oriented labor jobs will grow.
While technology and data dominate many boardroom conversations, the need for human beings and their unique talents isn’t going anywhere.

“Technology is great, but it still breaks down and someone has to be able to fix it,” Anthony says. “Companies will continue to need skilled and trade labor to make products. At Toyota, we manufacture cars every 30 to 40 seconds for some of our product lines. If a machine is down for a single minute, we lose production of more than three cars. Future jobs in demand will include mechanics and maintenance workers, who can quickly identify problems and solve them in a timely manner. With the skilled labor market shrinking, these will be in-demand jobs for the future that offer a different career path for those seeking an alternative to college.”

3. The overlap between professional and personal life.
Anthony acknowledges that while people’s personal lives and beliefs have traditionally stayed separate from their work life, that is rapidly changing. 

“What’s happening in the world around us impacts the way people show up to their jobs every day and requires new conversations and actions,” he says. “In the future, the most successful employees will be the ones who are socially conscious and able to translate their passion into developing the right products and services that reflect their persona and company’s deeper values.” 

Now that you have a better idea of future job trends, start preparing for tomorrow’s careers with these five skills Anthony believes today’s young people need to succeed in jobs for the future.


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1 The Next Era of Human-Machine Partnerships: Emerging Technologies’ Impact on Society & Work In 2030, 2017 | Institute for the Future for Dell Technologies

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