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Great moments lead to great futures. Club alumni reminisce on the moments that helped create their great futures.

Boys & Girls Club Alumni Share Their Greatest Moments

The path to great futures is rarely linear; it's a journey comprised of many moments that teach us who we are and what we want to become. Boys & Girls Club kids know that great moments add up to great futures. Five Club alumni share the great moments from their time at the Club that changed their lives.

Michael Galvez, M.D., Pediatric Hand Surgeon

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"Spending every summer from elementary until high school at the Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club in San Francisco changed my life. One moment that stands out was making a metal ring in woodshop. I spent several months learning how to build it, pouring different elements, buffing it and working on the ring. I was so proud to have made something from scratch from beginning to end. That moment — and all the little ones working on the ring — taught me determination and how to stick with something through completion. Today, I work with my hands to heal children, a passion that started working with my hands in woodshop at the Club." Read more→

Whitney S., Sustainability Strategy Consultant

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"During my time at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County, I went on a teen leadership trip to Colorado. I was a Florida girl who had never seen a mountain in her life. Our Club staff told us we would be climbing a mountain at the end of the week! I was extremely nervous, but I kept climbing. Eventually, I found myself at the top.

In the seven years I attended the Club, climbing that mountain is the moment that stands out the most. The experience inspired me to believe in myself and my potential. I knew if I could climb a mountain, I could do anything." Read more→

LeVelle Moton, NCAA College Basketball Coach

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"We all remember our firsts in life. So many of my first moments happened because of the Club — the first book I read, trying karate, hiking, pitching a tent, learning to cook. But the moment that stands out most and changed my life was flying on a plane for the first time.

Thanks to the Raleigh Boys Club, I was able to attend a national basketball tournament in Washington, D.C. It was the first time I'd been on a plane, left the city of Raleigh, and ever been out of the housing projects. Everyone I grew up with only knew the four-block radius of our neighborhood. No one ever went to college. Because the Club exposed me to something different, I knew there was a bigger and better world out there for me." Read more→

Matt P., CEO, Softgiving

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"I've been fortunate to do some amazing things in my life, like run for state office, visit all 50 states and start my own company — all by age 30. But I got my start as an entrepreneur at the Boys & Girls Club in Iowa, where my older brother and I found consistency during our difficult childhood.

Trading baseball cards with kids at the Club was an influential moment because it’s how I learned fundamental business skills. Successful baseball card trading required me to manage my baseball card inventory, build and maintain relationships with others, and engage them in transactions. All my moments as a Club kid taught me to take risks and that if you are not doing something you can fail at, you are probably not challenging yourself enough." Read more→

Dasia B., College Student

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"I started attending the Club at age 6. It was my home away from home. In the Black community, hair is a big part of our culture. It was difficult for me to bond with other girls and make friends because, while I had confidence in my personality, I was self-conscious about my hair.

One of the moments that stands out to me the most is my Club mentor Ms. Cherie helping me do my hair. Most importantly, she would always remind me, ‘You look pretty no matter what.’ Those are words I wish every young girl could hear and take to heart because when you're confident, you can do anything and everything." Read more→

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