Teen interview tips

Five timely tips to help teens land the summer job they want.

Crushing the Job Interview

With the school year nearly over, many teenagers (maybe even yours) are looking for summer jobs. Besides putting money in their pocket, teens embedded in summertime workplaces profit from real-world, on-the-job training opportunities to develop skills in conflict resolution, workplace communication and effective time management.

First, of course, they need get hired! With that in mind, here are five simple but significant tips that teens can apply and crush the job interview.

  1. Be on Time. Arrive early. Do a drive-by of the interview location the day before or at least nail down directions using GPS.

  2. Prep. Research the company, bring a resume, a list of references and questions to ask the interviewer. Keep everything organized in a folder.

  3. Watch Body Language. Unconscious mannerisms like fingernail biting or hair pulling may surface when someone is nervous. Strive to stay calm by sitting still, maintaining eye contact with the interviewer, and really focusing on the questions being asked.

  4. Practice. Practice answering questions with a friend, parent or mentor. In addition, local resources such as The Hartford College & Career Centers at some local Clubs offer job coaches and volunteers who are happy to conduct practice interviews.

  5. Apply Now. For the most employment opportunities, it’s best to begin applying for a summer job before school gets out.
Through a $3 million partnership, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and The Hartford are helping develop the next generation’s workforce by creating College & Career Centers across the country.



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