Power of a Positive Mentality

By continuing to support our friends in times of need, we can also spread positivity through our community

The Power of a Positive Mentality
Posted 06/07/2019 by Victor O. in Youth Voice

The high school experience weighs heavily on the minds of youth around my age. I have seen teens like me fluctuate between positive and negative vibes, which can affect your mental stability and your ability to maintain good grades. A positive collective mindset creates a positive community, and this can be achieved by surrounding yourself with peers of positive attitudes and virtues, listening to relatively positive music, and filling your mind with positive messages that can make our community flourish.

For example, I had a friend during my freshman year of high school who was in honors classes with me but struggled to maintain good grades. As an honors student, it's easy to understand how aggravating and depressing it is to see a bad grade, so all it took was a little uplifting motivation. I recommended this friend listen to some artists I knew that produce hype, uplifting and motivational music, such as Ariana Grande, The Migos, and J. Cole. Other than music, I thought that sticky notes of positivity would help. Just a couple little notes like "you can do it" and "strive hard" can go a long way mentally. After a few months, this friend had a whole new attitude during the next semester. The friend told me they had received all good grades, and everything seemed like it was "summer all year.”

At some point as the year came to a close, the school did a post-it note wall of positivity, without my input. So that would mean that enough people must have suggested or experienced what the positive post-it notes could do and applied this idea the school. After seeing this change in our school, I can conclude that if we continue to support our friends in times of need, we can also spread positivity through our community.

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