Gabe S

Graduating High School
Posted 05/22/2018 by Gabe S. in Youth Voice

Graduating high school can be a very stressful and a surreal time for many. The realization of saying goodbye to those you love can leave you in disbelief. These unimaginable times are difficult to take in all at once and can leave you overwhelmed with emotions.

Although your mind is being flooded will many emotions, don’t forget to BREATHE. Relaxing and enjoying the final moments of high school is the best advice I can give you. It is easy for our minds to be inundated with what is to come, but live in the present. The last days of high school can be one of the best by taking in the last moments and appreciating the people and friends around you that have made your high school experience wonderful.

Graduation can feel like an end, especially with friends going far away to college. Reflect on the memories that you have made with these people and thank them for their help. Graduating is an amazing accomplishment. Be proud for making it this far and by demonstrating your best characteristic–perseverance.

Lastly, soak it all in. Take pictures and make your last memories count. Remember that your graduation may not be perfect, but it’s the time for you to look back and remember all that you have accomplished and all that you’re prepared to do.


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