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Shelby’s Advice for Senioritis
Posted 06/21/2018 by Boys & Girls Clubs of America in Youth Voice

As it’s called across the nation, senioritis- the overwhelming exhaustion that comes at the end of senior year- is real. Your motivation declines, you grow tired of your usual surroundings and you become increasingly more ready for the future ahead.

But how do you overcome the senior slump and finish you last year of high school strong? Here are some ideas to keep you focused towards staying ‘senioritis-free’.


1. Address the reality of the situation

The reality of Senior Year is that you only have a few more months of high school until you graduate. Although your grades may not affect a college you have already been accepted to, remember that the choices you make now may affect unexpected things later. Teachers, for example, greatly appreciate graduating seniors that continue to work hard despite their focus on the future. If you are attending college, the work you do senior year may prepare you for the coursework approaching. Remember that these experiences, both academic or extracurricular, are aimed to help you in the future!

2. Be social and reach out

Maintain and create friendships you are happy to have. Connect with your teachers and engage in their coursework. Remember to be kind, caring and compassionate to all those you encounter. Often, loneliness during Senior Year makes you feel isolated and more ‘ready to leave’. If you can enjoy the community around you, you may find that you’ll pass the time creating memories with people you love.

3. Work hard on something you are proud of

After the hard work you put into school, do something for yourself. Write, play an instrument or get hands-on and build something. Your advisors and teachers have asked for a lot of hard work from you; don’t forget to work hard for your passions too!

4. Eliminate distractions

End-of-the-year work is hard to complete when the phone is ringing and the TV is on. Find and create spaces where the work you have can be done without distractions and you will find that your projects get completed much easier (and maybe even better!). Take care of yourself!!! Don’t forget- whatever is on a phone, book or conversation will always be there for when you are done with your work.

5. Take care of yourself

It’s not always easy to put yourself first, but reflect on what you need and try to treat yourself. Get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, try to get active and remember to take time for yourself. Free health apps like PlantNanny or Headspace can help you stay focused on treating yo’ self!

These tips may not solve all of your exhaustion, but hopefully they help keep your focused. No matter what you do, keep your head in the game and finish strong!


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