Uncertain Future

The future is uncertain for millions of kids. And many don’t think they have the skills necessary to secure a job when they will need one. Today, there are 5.9 million Americans out of work and 7.5 million jobs that need to be filled. Boys & Girls Clubs close the opportunity gap, teaching essential skills and abilities that enable youth to exceed beyond the circumstances that surround them.

Beyond employability, we give kids the ability to shape their futures. A steady job means they can care for themselves and a family. With positive mentors, new opportunities, and fresh possibilities, they’re empowered to pursue careers with purpose and passion. Here they learn to work as a team with purpose and passion. Here they learn valuable skills that make them workplace ready.

jobs that will require education or training

60% percent of jobs will require education or training beyond high school by 2020.

Georgetown University study

Our Stories

An innovative food truck program at a South Florida Boys & Girls Club teaches teens much more than how to flip a burger. It’s preparing them for the workplace—and for life.

Workforce readiness programs are doing whatever it takes to position young people to transcend the workforce skills gap.

Club alumnus applies skills she learned in the Club to get off on the right foot after college.