Club Impact

Kids and teens who regularly attend a Club do better than their peers.

Making a Difference

Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s research shows that young people who attend a Club regularly and have a high-quality Club Experience do better than their peers. For instance:  

  • 66% of Club 12th graders volunteer at least once per month, compared with only 29% of 12th graders nationally
  • 89% of Club ninth graders report abstaining from drinking alcohol in the past 30 days, compared with 76% of ninth graders nationally
  • 30% of Club girls are physically active every day, compared with 23% of girls nationally
  • A comparison of NYOI and National Survey on Drug Use and Health data suggests that low-income, regularly attending Club members ages 12 to 17 outperform their peers nationally on school grades. About three-quarters of these Club members report earning mostly As and Bs in school, compared with 67 percent of youth nationally

For more information about how Boys & Girls Clubs impact kids and teens, read our National Youth Outcomes Report.

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