Our Safety Partners

Keeping the more than 4 million youth Boys & Girls Clubs serve each year safe and protected, both physically and emotionally, is our absolute highest priority. Boys & Girls Clubs of America works continuously to enhance robust safety policies and actions to support the safety of young people in Clubs. 

As part of this commitment, we partner with leading experts in the fields of youth safety, abuse prevention and child mental health to ensure that all Boys & Girls Clubs provide best-in-class programs, protocols, staff trainings and practices for Club members. 

Our National Child Safety Advisory Task Force is comprised of leading industry experts who provide critical, timely direction and recommendations on key safety issues and trends that impact children. The National Child Safety Advisory Safety Task Force also reviews and provides feedback on Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s national safety initiatives.

Locally, all Boys & Girls Clubs are required to have a local Board-Led Safety Committee, representing safety at the highest level of governance for each local Club organization. This committee defines and drives the organization’s vision for safety, continually reviews and improves policies and implements solutions to ensure the safety of all Club members, staff, volunteers, and visitors.